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The Employees Advisory Council (EAC) was established by the Fairfax County Merit System Ordinance to provide a continuing medium through which all employees in the competitive service and county, may contribute their advice and suggestions for the improvement of the career merit system and other aspects of the government of Fairfax County. 

The County EAC regularly confers with the Human Resources Director, the County Executive, and the Civil Service Commission. It sponsors voluntary recreational, welfare, educational and related activities to contribute to employee well-being and to build harmonious relations among all employees of Fairfax County and their families. You may leave a message for the EAC at (703) 324-7045 This message mailbox will be checked daily, Monday thru Friday. 

Values: Respect; Open Communication; Integrity; Diversity; Responsibility; Creativity and Innovation; Leadership; Teamwork 

Vision: A fair and equitable workplace that encourages and rewards excellence in public service. 

Mission: Peers working together to provide county employees a clear voice through effective representation, responsible leadership and relentless advocacy.

If you have any information you would like to see on this website, please contact your Representative or the Webmaster. Thank you in advance, your opinions DO matter.

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