Employees Advisory Council By-Laws


Fairfax County Code: 

Section 3-1-17. - Employees advisory council; members; duties.


There shall be an Employees Advisory Council to provide a continuing medium through which all employees in the competitive service may contribute their advice and suggestions for the improvements of a career merit system and other aspects of the administration of the government of Fairfax County. Rules for election of Council members and the Council's by-laws shall be subject to approval of the Civil Service Commission.


In addition to conferring with the Human Resources Director and the County Executive, and the Commission, the Employees Advisory Council may undertake to sponsor such voluntary recreational, welfare, educational and related activities as will contribute to employee well-being and to building harmonious and effective relations among all employees of Fairfax County and their families. (7-87-3; 26-98-3; 35-05-3.)

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