Don Smith Award - History

Don Smith began his EAC career in 1970 when he worked for the Office of Comprehensive Planning. This was at a time when the County workforce totaled 3,000 employees. Mr. Smith volunteered as an EAC representative for 17 years, retiring his EAC position in 1987 and retiring from the County in 1990. During his many years in the EAC he assisted in facilitating the Employee Arts and Crafts Fair, with the objective of lending assistance to destitute County employees during the holiday season. Currently, the Craft Fair is still hosted by the EAC twice a year.


During his extensive stent as an EAC representative, Mr. Smith was a member of the grievance committee. He was well known to resolve the majority of grievances before they reached the Civil Service Commission level. Upon his retirement from the EAC in 1987, Mr. Smith spoke with the Courier, stating that some things never change; there are always grievances, and discussion of the cost-of-living increases.


The Don Smith award was established in 1991, to honor Mr. Smith and his 17 years of dedicated service to County employees. Each nominee was selected by their coworker(s) for improving employee benefits, morale, work environment or work relationships, outside of their job duties.