The Don Smith Award was established by the Employee Advisory Council (EAC) in 1991 to honor Donald D. Smith who devoted 16 years of services as and EAC Representative.  His service was marked by insight and growth.


Completed nomination forms should be submitted to the Employee Advisory Council, Don Smith Award, c/o Department of Human Resources, 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 270, Fairfax, VA 22035-0039. 


Please note: This award is to recognize individual employees of Fairfax County who have contributed in an outstanding manner to the well-being of their fellow employees.


Eligibility:  Nominators and nominees must be merit employees of Fairfax County who have completed their initial 12 month probationary period. 


Criteria:  Please note: This award is not based on job performance. The following factors will be considered in determining award recipients:


  • Contributions and accomplishments of nominees to their fellow employees; outside their job duties.

  • The contribution results toward improvement in employee benefits, morale, work environment or work relationships and the number of employees affected.

  • The outstanding achievement, dedication and/or service provided to or on behalf of employees.

  • Include in the written description if the nominee has previously received the EAC Don Smith Award and the date of the award.


Description of Contributions and Accomplishments:


Please attach a concise statement (not more than one typed page) that describes the outstanding services rendered to Fairfax County employees and the time frame during which these services were rendered.  Cite specific examples of the nominee’s effort on behalf of employees and the results of those efforts.


The Employee Advisory Council's Don Smith Award recognizes individual employees who contribute outside of their normal job duties to the well-being of fellow workers. Any county merit employee who has completed the 12-month probationary period may nominate or be nominated. Award recipients receive an engraved plaque and a cash award of up to $1,000. Nomination forms are available on the EAC Web page, from EAC representatives, agency payroll contacts or the Department of Human Resources.