Employee Newsletter —Team Fairfax Insider

Team Fairfax Insider (TFI), “gives us one more way to get the word out about issues and information that impact you day-to-day” notes County Executive Ed Long in his column included in the first issue of the new employee newsletter "This new printed publication supplements other employee communication tools, such as  FairfaxNet, including the 'In the Spotlight' articles, NewsLink emails and videos."


This print publication, distributed each payday, will provide important information and stories of general interest to the Team Fairfax community, including columns from the county executive and the Employee Advisory Council (EAC), which has committed to help cover TFI’s cost. Produced by the Office of Public Affairs, Team Fairfax Insider reflects the county executive’s strategic priority to enhance internal communication.

Also look for “Greetings from…” visits to various worksites around the county to help employees get a better understanding of what some of their 12,000-plus co-workers in 800 different types of jobs do as part of Team Fairfax. A digest offers a roundup of news and information that appears in NewsLink and FairfaxNet.


Team Fairfax Insider will be distributed on paydays by the Mail Room through its regularly scheduled routes. In addition to the hard copy of the newsletter, an online version will be available for those who want to access it electronically. 


Story ideas and workplace photos are welcome for consideration by TFI editors. You can reach Team Fairfax Insider at tfi@fairfaxcounty.gov .