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Dear Supervisor,


My name is _____________________, and I have proudly served Fairfax County for _____ years in [agencies/departments]. [Optional] I am also a [resident or homeowner] in Fairfax County, and I participate in [community involvement activities].


My coworkers and I strive to be responsible stewards of community resources, embrace change, and provide superior services to the diverse citizens of Fairfax County. Despite our best efforts to uphold these values, I feel that the Board of Supervisors has not always shown its appreciation for our work. The compensation plan that the Board approved in 2013 seemed to be a good faith gesture to correct years of stagnant wages, but the Board has not adhered to the plan it approved. It has only fully funded raises for employees for one of the three years since the pay plan’s adoption. When the Board does not consistently follow through with fully funding the pay plan, employees feel compelled to seek other employment, and managers find it hard to attract good talent to fill necessary positions.


Please demonstrate that you value us by fully funding both the MRA and the merit increases for General County Employees when you adopt the FY18 budget. Thank you for your time.



[Name and contact information]