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Special Election to fill EAC Vacancies

The EAC is holding a special election to fill the vacancies in Groups 7, 8 and 11. 
Links to the Nomination Memos and Petitions for each seat are below.

Group 7 Nomination Memos       Group 7 Nomination Petitions

​Group 7 includes the following agencies:  Board of Supervisors, County Executive, County Attorney, Department of Finance, Department of Human Resources, Department of Public Affairs, Office of Elections, Department of Management and Budget, Financial and Program Auditor, Department of Information and Technology, Retirement Administration and Tax Administration. 

Group 8 Nomination Memos       Group 8 Nomination Petitions

Group 8 includes Fairfax County Public Library and Health Department. 


Group 11 Nomination Memos   Group 11 Nomination Petitions

Group 11 is Public Safety Civilians from Police, Sheriff, Fire and Rescue, Department of Emergency Management and Security, Department of Public Safety Communications and Animal Sheltering.

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