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Group 7

Board of Supervisors, County Executive, Financial & Program Auditor, Human Resources, Public Affairs, Office of Elections, Finance, Information and Technology, Tax Administration, Retirement Administration, Management & Budget, Office of County Attorney, Office of Environment and Energy Coordination (part of County Exec’s Office), Office of Internal Audit (part of County Exec’s Office), Financial and Program Auditor (under the Board of Supervisors), Public Safety Auditor/Police Civilian Review Panel (under the Board of Supervisors)

Jennifer Snyder

Jennifer Snyder

She / Her / Hers


Phone: 703-279-8250

Jennifer Snyder has worked in the Retirement Agency since 2017 and came from the private sector. Jennifer has spent her 25-year career creating bridges between executive management and front-line employees, as well as investment professionals and tech experts, through her work in financial operations.


She is currently the PTA President for Fairfax Villa Elementary School, an active member of Fairfax Villa neighborhood association and Fairfax Workers Coalition. She is a dedicated change agent who practices brave and compassionate leadership and has a passion for positive reform. She represents voices for improved work experiences and stronger relationships between diverse groups of people and departments.

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