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Group 3

Facilities Management, Land Development Services, Public Works & Environmental Services


Scott Meyer

Group 3 Council Member
EAC Treasurer

Scott Meyer is pleased to serving as the Group 3 representative to the Employee Advisory Council (EAC).  Scott began his service with Fairfax County in 2014 in the Office of Elections and came to Land Development Services in 2018 where he is the Emergency Management Coordinator (among other duties as assigned).  Part of this role includes leadership within the Herrity Building Emergency Action Committee (another EAC and not at all confusing).


Scott was born in Chicago (yes, they have the best pizza, just accept that as a fact) and grew up in the suburbs. He graduated from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL, with degrees in film and television production.  After that, Scott moved to Los Angeles where he had a long tenure as a staff member and a volunteer with the American Red Cross before transferring the National Headquarters in Washington, DC.  During that time, he responded to numerous local and national disasters, including Hurricanes Floyd (NC), Jeanne (FL), Katrina (LA) and Rita (TX), as well as the 9/11 responses, both in Los Angeles and New York.  His specialty was Mass Care, sheltering and feeding.


As your rep to the EAC, Scott intends to provide transparency by keeping you well informed of the Council’s activities.  He wants to address inequities and fair pay, including longevity bonuses and fully-funded raises.  Each EAC group is allocated some funds to support purchases that will benefit employees and add to the quality of life at work, such as a refrigerator or coffeemaker.  Please ask if you have a need.


If you have any issues you’d like to discuss and have Scott bring to the EAC, please contact him at or 703-324-1826.

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