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Don Smith Awards


The winner of the 2021 Don Smith Award is Christopher Kroboth.​

Don Smith Award 2021(1).jpg

The 2021 Don Smith Award was presented to Captain Christopher Kroboth of the Fire and Rescue Department at the Board of Supervisors meeting on January 25.  Captain Kroboth, a 15-year veteran with the County, is assigned to the EMS Training Division.  Captain Kroboth has gone beyond his regular job duties and has made outstanding contributions in support of their fellow employees and workplace in a variety of ways:


  • He operates the “5:30 Club,” a morning fitness workout for the academy, which encourages and motivates both uniformed and civilian staff to pursue healthier habits.  This fun, team building activity has resulted in improved fitness test scores and substantial weight loss.

  • He mentors and develops staff by providing guidance, experience opportunities and promotional exam tutoring with great success.

  • When the “Day in the Life of a Firefighter” portion of basic training was in jeopardy of being eliminated, in just two days before the event Captain Kroboth gathered people and resources together to make it happen. This allowed recruits to experience station life prior to graduation which is a valuable training experience to have prior to their first day in the field.

The 2021 Honorable Mention awardees: Andrew Carter, McLean Community Center; Emily Fary, Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office, and Sharon Perry, Fairfax County Police Department


Thank you all for going beyond your regular duties and making a significant difference for your fellow employees!

The Don Smith Award was established by the Employee Advisory Council (EAC) in 1991 to honor Donald D. Smith who devoted 16 years of services as and EAC Representative.  His service was marked by insight and growth.


Don Smith Award nominations are accepted during November of each year.

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